About KnoxTime

Why did I create this website? I have always had an interest in U.S. and World history, but for some reason, not as much in local history. That is, until recently, when a buddy and I were looking at the 1870 Birdseye view of Mt. Vernon. We noticed the mill race that ran through what is now Rolls Royce and became curious as to who built it and when. This began our doing a little research, and the next thing I knew, I started building this website. Ironically though, we have not found the answer to the original question about the mill race, yet.

History research can be a time consuming task. Resources come in a variety of forms and may reside in many different locations. As enjoyable and exciting as it may be, discovery and access to the information can sometimes be very challenging. Unfortunately, little information is available online for this county.

Even though creating this website was a way for me to document my research for future reference, most importantly, it is for others to enjoy and to share in a part of our history. It may also serve as a good base and starting point for other researchers. For now, it is just a small window into our past, as I don't have the resources to make KnoxTime the comprehensive historical website it could be.

I love historic photos, and always on the look for more. Please consider scanning your old photos and allowing me to add them to the KnoxTime collection. For best results, photos should be scanned at 300dpi or better. Smaller photos should be scanned at 600dpi. All photos should be scanned as a color photo, even if the photo is black and white. I will give full credit to the donor unless otherwise requested. You can email the photo(s) as an attachment to the email address below.

Don't have a scanner? I can come to you with my portable scanning, or we can meet somewhere like the library. I can also pick up your photos, scan and return them. I have many references of my credibility that I can make available, if desired.

Photos I am interested in? Any old photos that contain buildings, streets, events, industry, prominent people, etc. Please no personal family photos unless they contain the afore mentioned criteria.

Who am I? I am a lifelong resident of Knox County. I am not associated with any historical society, business or government. I am just an average Joe citizen interested in history. As I have a full time job, and I am not a website developer, the development of this site may be a bit on the slow side. I am building this website for my own personal (and hopefully as well as for others), enjoyment. There is no monetary gain what so ever for my developing this website.

KnoxTime is under construction and I have not checked for errors. I want to get the prototype completed, then go back and clean up. This will include checking for errors and adding a more professional touch to the look and feel of the site. Pages and photos may also load slowly due to the fact that the website is running on my home PC. Upon completion of this site, I will move it to a real Web Hosting facility.

This site is best viewed at the resolution of at least 1024x768 with the browser in full screen mode, revealing as much vertical space as possible. Touching the F11 key, will allow some, if not all of the top part of the browser to disappear, giving more vertical space. Touch the F11 key again, and it will reappear.

I would love to hear from you. If you have any input, comments, suggestions, corrections or ideas, please email me at: