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History research can be a time consuming task. Resources come in a variety of forms and may reside in many different locations. As enjoyable and exciting as it may be, discovery and access to the information can sometimes be very challenging. Unfortunately, little information is available online for this county. The primary purpose of this website is to collect timeline dates, photos, and maps, and make it availible online for easy access. As this site matures, I am sure other pertinent historic information will be included.

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When I refer to a "photo donation", that really means a scanned image of someone's photo(s). I really dont want the actual physical photo.

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Enjoy discussing and interacting with other people interested in local history. A place to share your own vintage photos for others to enjoy. Tell stories of days gone by, share and preserve your personal knowledge that no one else may know.  

Knox County Court House, Clock and Bell Tower:

Posted 10/25/2012

Because of unusual circumstances, I received special permission to access the County Court House Clock and Bell tower. I was accompanied by a county employee.

Access requires riding the elevator to the attic. From there, one must climb a very very steep set of crickety old stairs that leads to the first room, the bell room. I'm guessing the Bell to be about 3 feet high and wide. It was quite a site. The casting company/date on the side of the bell reads, Buckeye Bell Company 1887.

From there, one must climb another steep set of stairs to the Clock Room. I was amazed how simplistic looking the gear works are that run all 4 clocks. I would say the clock faces are 7-8 feet tall. There are a least a couple of hundred autographs of people who have visited the clock room on the walls, some dating back to 1913. Very cool!

One could climb up to the next roof level room, not me, that's a 12-15 foot ladder up the side of the wall through a small hole, did I mention I'm scared to death of heights, so I was a little shaky doing this little tour.

And yes, the bell did ring while I was there, and yes it is really loud! I jumped even though I knew it was coming!!

All in all, a great experience!!

Diana Legros Collection - 1959 Flood:

Posted 09/02/2012

More flood photos, this time of Howard Street, Ohio Avenue, South Mulberry and West Vine. See photo descriptions for more info.

Diana Legros Collection - 1959 Flood:

Posted 08/29/2012

Another great set of photos of South Main Street. Maybe someone can ID a sandbagger.

Diana Legros Collection - 1959 Flood:

Posted 08/24/2012

This next set of photos are scenes from West High and West Chestnut Streets. The first photo of the West High Street Bridge, I have heard that officals considered dynamiting the bridge due to the massive debris that was accumulating, causing water to rise over the Riverside dikes. However, I have never confirmed this.

Correction, The second photo is NOT the Apostolic on West High, this building is located on West Chestnut Street, 1200 block looking East. It was a church but now a Day Care.

Diana Legros Collection - 1959 Flood:

Posted 08/22/2012

Another great set of photos, this time of Shellmar/Continental Can. These photos were not ID'd, but looking at the contents, I suspect they are all of Shellmar. If anyone thinks otherwise, please facebook KnoxTime.

Diana Legros Collection - 1959 Flood:

Posted 08/20/2012

This is a nice set of Railroad Flood photos. This first is the B&O bridge that runs over Dry Creek. The Clinton Township Hall is where StarBright is now. The next four photos are of the B&O over the Kokosing River. Note one photo has no train on the bridge. I wonder if they moved the train onto the bridge to save the Bridge by adding more weight, or to save the train? The last three are the Penn Railroad. I like the tracks that run along Howard Street, all gone now.

Diana Legros Collection - 1959 Flood:

Posted 08/20/2012

Kimberly Legros Larson has graciously allowed me to scan her mothers photos of the 1959 flood. These are original photos taken and developed by Diana, so I doubt most of these photos have ever been seen by the general public. Diana worked at Hecklers developing film and then opened her own photo shop on West Vine Street. There are about 80 photos in the collection that I will be posting over the next few days. They are a great set of photos and a wonderful addition to KnoxTime. Thank you so much Kimberly!!

This first set of photos are of Diana Legros, the photographer and South Main Street. I love the first South Main photo with the fog rising over the Kokosing!

Phil Levering Collection - Various Vintage Photos:

Posted 08/20/2012

These photos were dontated by Phil Levering. These are fantastic photos of Mount Vernon and Fairgrounds/Hiawatha Park! Phil dates the photos c1917. Thank you Phil!

Lisa Lyons Collection - Brinkhaven:

Posted 06/23/2012

This is a great set of Brinkhaven photos donated by Lisa Lyons. The ground level railroad running east/west is the CAC/Penn line that ran through Mount Vernon and is now where State Route 62 runs. The Railroad Truss is the T.W.V line built to go over the C.A.C then down to Hunter road. Hunter road is the old T.W.V. bed. This line ran from Coshocton to Loudenville. The East End Birdseye is the first time I have seen that view, love the well. The flood photos are great, but the Recovering Bodies photo brings home the reality and devastation those people went through. Again, great set of photos and thank you Lisa! The last two photos show a train wreck at Walhonding

Keitha Porter Anderson - Mount Vernon Photo Collection:

Posted 05/24/2012

The first photo, Jewells Creamery, corner of N. Sandusky and West Chestnut where Little Ceasars is now. The second photo, Mankins Trading Post located on the West side of South Mulberry, now a parking lot just south of Carl and Company. See the old Church on the right side that is still standing. Next photo, The Mount Vernon Inn, still standing at 601 West High Street, see the B&O depot in the back ground. And the last, Dont know the name, but a Funeral Home located on North Main street, in the parking lot just north of the YMCA.

Historical Knox County 1989 Calendar - via Adam Taylor:

Posted 05/23/2012

The first photo, a Lemonade Stand, corner of Mckenzie and E High, circa_1955, boys unknown. The second photo, Boy Scout collection for victims of the 1949 Kenyon fire. Next photo, Jane Pilotti and her parents, 1965 Junior Miss Runner Up. Then, George Tanner demonstrates rotary dial phones. And the last, Moving the Emmett House.

Historical Knox County 1989 Calendar - via Adam Taylor:

Posted 05/22/2012

The first photo, Central School at 105 East Chestnut, Class of 1947, teacher unknown.

Next is Colin W. Koons, the first Mt. Vernon Water Works Superintendent. His passengers are Emma Koons, in the back seat, Charlotte and Minerva Welshymer.

The next photo is of the Willis novelty store which stood at the corner of E. Main and N. Hartford streets in Centerburg, taken between 1905 and 1911. The store was owned by Carrie Willis, second from the right, and operated by her and her husband, Bliss second from the left. Others in the photo include store employees Herman Ringer at left, and Roy 'Red' Anderson at right.

The last photo is the Mount Vernon Fife and Drum Corps in the late 1950's. The Corps was formed in 1953 by W.W. Dorsey, front row, far left. This photo was taken at his home, 600 N. Gay St.

Historical Knox County 1989 Calendar - via Adam Taylor:

Posted 05/21/2012

The first four photos are of the 1959 flood. The Court House was used to distribute supplies, note the Office Signs.

The next photo is the 1922 MV Basketball team which compiled a record of 18-5 before being invited to the state championships where the team played in 7 games to win the State Title. They then went to the National Tournament in Chicago and played in five straight games before losing to Lexington Ky, for the National Title.

The photo after that is Paul Lynde signing autographs in the alley along Schine's Vernon Theater during the premiere of the movie Bye, Bye Birdie, July 10, 1963.

And the last two photos, Penn Rail Workers taking a lunch and the Knox County Sanitarium.

Richard Dice - The Donut Hole:

Posted 05/17/2012

I just recieved these photos from Richard Dice. What a great set of photos! This is the first photo I have seen of the Donut Hole on the square, add Schines and Pauls Flowers, this is a pretty rare bird! And the Donut hole car... what can one say other than, Thank you Richard!! Rock Husdon in Lover Come Back was released in 1961.

Keitha Porter Anderson - Mount Vernon Photo Collection:

Posted 05/16/2012

The first building was on the corner of Main and Gambier, where The First Federal Savings and Loan is now. The second photo is the 3rd Ward school, where the current old Central School is now, owned by the County, on East Chestnut across from the Court House. The third is the Fourth Ward School on West Chestnut down in the mist of Coopers, accross from the CES Credit Union. And the last of course, the old High/Middle School.

Keitha Porter Anderson - Mount Vernon Photo Collection:

Posted 05/12/2012

The first photo, South Main Looking North is a real gem, I really like this view. It appears that access to Gay Street from just over the Viaduct is not there. The next photo of South Main Looking South appears to be decorated with Christmas lights? And the last two photos of Public Square, I dont know the event or have any dates. If anyone knows, please post on KnoxTime Facebook.

Keitha Porter Anderson - Mount Vernon Photo Collection:

Posted 05/11/2012

The first photo is of the Cozy Bar and Grill and the GreyHound Bus station on West High Street. Love the Cozy photo, not that I ever attended such a place ;) The file names of the other three photos are self explanatory.

Keitha Porter Anderson - Mount Vernon Photo Collection:

Posted 05/09/2012

The first three photos are store fronts in the first block of East Gambier, on the North Side. The telephone company photo is at the same location the current one is. Hadleys was next to the phone company on the east side. The third photo were stores on the west side of the phone company on the other side of the alley. And of course, the last photo is the Curtis Hotel on Public Square.

Keitha Porter Anderson - Mount Vernon Photo Collection:

Posted 05/06/2012

The first photo I call the old Stauffer Building, which housed Stauffer Clothing for years, now the location of City Hall. Love the Mazza ad! The next photo, Police Department, east side of the Stauffer building, where the Police Department is today. Looks like a real dump, but love the police car. The third photo, West corner of the Stauffer, looking up North Main. Last photo, West side of the Stauffer on North Main.

Keitha Porter Anderson - Mount Vernon Photo Collection:

Posted 05/05/2012

Keitha Porter Anderson has been kind enough to donate her vintage photos of Mount Vernon. Most of these photos were taken by Jim White. His wife Florence Porter White allowed Keitha to make copies. Thank you, Keitha!

The first photo is Montgomery Ward which was located at 214 South Main Street. This building was recently renovated by the Nazarene University and now known as Hunter Hall. The second photo is the previous building at the same location which housed Cussins and Fearn at that time. I do not know when this building was torn down and Montgomery Ward built. The third photo is the old Martin Memorial Hospital where our donator Keitha was born. And the last photo is the old Mercy Hospital where Keitha also worked.

I will post more of Keitha's collection in the following days. Thank you again Keitha!!

Mount Vernon Water Works:

Posted 04/22/2012

I was amazed when I found out that Mount Vernon installed it's water system in 1883. I would have never guessed that early. The first two photos are of the Water Works. I assume they are of the original construction, but I don't know that for sure, no dates on photos. The last photo is a current photo of the water tower that is located in Mound View Cemetery. I have been told by various sources that this is the orginal tower built and used in 1883. I saw a sketch map of Mount Vernon, dated early 1890's, and it showed a water tower that looks just like it. I was told that this water tower was still being used just a mere 20-25 years ago. I found the following description of the Water Works on a 1887 SanBorn Fire Insurance Map, 4 years after original construction. I tried to copy as written, including abbreviations.

Population 6900 - Prev Winds S.W.

Water Facilities

Stand Pipe System of Water Works. Stand Pipe 56' high & 25' Diam. Capacity 7000 bbls, Top of Stand Pipe, 227' above Pump Flo.

Pump Flo located at the foot of W High St. on the Kokosing River. 2 Worthington Pumping Engines, 1 high pressure Duplex with Steam Cylinder and 1 Compound Duplex with two Steam Cylinders. Capacity of each 750,000 Galls per day. 2 boilers each 15' long, 56" Diameter.

Water Supply from 2 Wells, 1 - 8' Diam. 17' Deep located under Pump Flo. and one outside of building 20' Diam, 17' Deep connected with the one under Pump Flo. by Sewer pipe. Capacity of both wells 1 1/2 million Galls per day.

16 Miles of Water Pipe, 77 Hydrants, Average pressure 90lbs per Sq, inch. 20 Public Cisterins, not used!

Fire Department

Volunteer 19 men, 3 men paid, 5 night police, 1 Steam Engine, 1 Hand Engine, 1 Hook and Ladder Truck, 3 Horse Hose Carts, 2000' of Hose, 3 Horses, 2 Hand Hose Carts.

Streets not paved.

Gloria Parsisson - Railroad Photos:

Posted 04/19/2012

Gloria Parsisson donated these railroad related photos. A great set of photos. Thank you, Gloria!

LeeAnn Hurlow - Central Coal and Wood :

Posted 04/12/2012

LeeAnn Hurlow donated these two photos of the Central Coal and Wood company owned by Charles Raymond (Doc) Hurlow on Arch Ave. It took up the block between Harrison St. and Jackson St., across from Arch Park, and operated from about 1940 to 1956. The coal was piled on the corner of Jackson and Arch and another pile on the corner of Harrison and Arch. The neighborhood boys would get in trouble for climbing the coal piles. They also sold Christmas trees during the Holidays. Thank you, LeeAnn!

Roger and Jeannine Davis - Cottage Inn, Fredericktown:

Posted 04/11/2012

More photos from Roger and Jeannine Davis. The Cottage Inn, a truck stop, was located on South Main Street in Fredericktown - across from Taylor's grocery store. It was next to what is now Rite Aid and part of the Chevrolet car lot. George Wilson "Willie" and Mary Elizabeth Fisher Davis were the owners at the time. Thank you again, Jeannine!

Roger and Jeannine Davis - The Fredericktown Sinclair Station, Howard Mast owner:

Posted 04/10/2012

Another great set of photos donated by Roger and Jeannine Davis. The Fredericktown Sinclair Station, when owned by Howard Mast, c1940. This is currently Fast Freddies. Thank you again, Jeannine!

Chet and Gwen Haldeman - 1959 Flood:

Posted 04/09/2012

A great set of 1959 flood photos. These photos were taken by Chet and Gwen Haldeman and donated by their daughters Lynette Haldeman and Jennifer Haldeman. Thank you Lynette and Jennifer!!!!

Roger and Jeannine Davis - Becks Point Drive In:

Posted 04/08/2012

I have been looking for a photo of Becks for a long long time. I know a lot of other people have too. These photos were donated by Roger and Jeannine Davis from the family archives of Lois Fisher Beck. Thank you Jeannine!!!!

Photo Request:

I love historic photos, and always on the look out for more. Please consider scanning your old photos and allowing me to add them to the KnoxTime collection. For best results, photos should be scanned at 300dpi or better. Smaller photos should be scanned at 600dpi. All photos should be scanned as a color photo, even if the photo is black and white. I will give full credit to the donor unless otherwise requested. You can email the photo(s) as an attachment to the email address below. If you cant do this yourself, I can help, See 'About' for more information.

Becks or Clippys:

I have had a lot of inquiries asking if I had photos of Becks or Clippys. I wish I did, but I do not. If you have or know of anyone who may have such a photo(s), please consider having it added to the KnoxTime photo gallery.

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